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 威尼斯人5002In order to transform Techpool into a learning organisation, various efforts have been taken into action. In 2006, its own training centre was set up. The Institute of Techpool was established in 2011 and later, the training centre was re-named as the learning and development centre. In order to further develop and improve staff, the Institute of Techpool has established a whole system of staff training courses,  which cover new staff induction, general skills training, professional sales training, talent reservoir for positions requiring key skills, It also collaborates with well-known training providers at home and abroad to provide training and further development opportunities through multi-facet and multi-channel schemes.The Institute of Techpool is an integral part in Techpool’s development strategy. It is not only an important link in the Company’s internal talent system, but also surpasses this function to be the driver behind corporate reform, and the cornerstone for external companies (clients,suppliers and partners) training and consultancy services.