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Company Profile

Techpool Bio-pharma Co., Ltd was founded in 1993, located its headquarter at the heart of Intellectual City in the east of Guangzhou. With an area of 50,000 M², Techpool is the global leader in urinary protein biopharmaceuticals which specializes in the sales, R&D and production of biopharmaceuticals in critical care. Committed to the corporate core values in “Integrity & Honesty; Passion & Perseverance; Commitment & High performance; Care & Engagement; Innovation &  Learning; Teamwork and communication”, Techpool owns a national Class-II New Drug Techpool Roan® (Ulinastatin for Injection), a global-pioneering Class-I New Drug Kailikang® (Urinary Kallidinogenase for Injection).

Techpool prides itself in having a well-knitted, share-valued, disciplined and highly-efficient team, and a vertically intensive sales network covering mainland China. It is a national-level high-tech enterprise recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Its “technology and application of innovative drugs Urinary Kallidinogenase, Ulinastatin, and other natural protein drugs” won the second prize of the 2011 National Science & Technology Advancement Award. In the same year it was successfully accredited with the new GMP certification by the China Food and Drug Administration. Techpool is the first new GMP-certified enterprise in Guangzhou.

Techpool has long been dedicating to providing quality products and professional services. Through academic dissemination, Techpool shares scientific disease information and promote advanced health knowledge with doctors and the general public alike, which helps people to live healthily. In addition, it steps up efforts to support clinical experts and doctors to carry out empirical medical studies, as well as innovative and clinically explorative research. In 2009, it launched “Techpool Research Fund” and subsequently in 2012, Techpool Kailikang Research Fund was initiated to provide financial support in millions of dollars for clinical research.

We are committed to identify and integrate potential resources in the critical care. With our wisdom, perceptiveness, innovation and care, we are able to bring health to life and provide the best collaborative experience. Moreover, we spare no effort to become a respected and collaborative leader in the biochemical sector.

At present, rapid internationalisation has become the signature of the company. Techpool people around the globe work together for better achievement. In the future, we are working towards being the best innovative biopharmaceutical corporation in China, and counting on becoming the leader in China’s biopharmaceutical sector.